Are you looking for a foot doctor? Pain and loss of function in our feet and ankles can be a huge obstacle, and we understand that getting your body back to normal is of the utmost importance to you.

That is why we offer the highest standard of care in podiatry. We seek to make your visit simple, stress-free, and effective! It is our goal to resolve your pain and function issues in a way that allows you to live the life you are accustomed to.

Don’t live in pain! There are a number of causes for podiatric issues, please contact us today so we can identify the cause and solution for your particular problem! We want you to be walking, running, jumping and living the lifestyle you want to!

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George Sehl


You and your feet can feel confident about the care you will receive from Dr. Sehl. After graduating from the Chicago College of Podiatric Medicine, Dr. Sehl completed a two year residency in reconstructive foot and ankle surgery in Kansas City, Missouri. He is Board Certified in Foot and ankle Surgery and trained to treat all foot and ankle problems. He has published articles in professional journals and has lectured at various medical seminars. He has been practicing in Iowa City for 25 years. He has been married to his wife for 30 years and has 3 boys, George, Mike, and Steve. He has run 40 marathons and has endured over 150 triathlons. Dr. Sehl has even done an ironman in Switzerland. He enjoys sports of all kind and helping athletes with sports related foot and ankle conditions. Two of his sons played college football in Missouri, and the youngest son is graduating this spring from the University of Iowa.

Kristin Randall

Kristin Randall has been with Professional Foot & Ankle care since 1998. After attending Allen School of Nursing, she moved to the Iowa City area. She has resided in North Liberty for almost 20 years. Kristin has two boys, Dane and Trey. In her free time, she loves to spend time with her family, run, and enjoys all outdoor activities. She is a Hawkeye fan and enjoys football season


Tarah has worked at Professional Foot & Ankle for over 2 years. She received her undergraduate degree from Texas A&M University, and has pursued a graduate degree from University College of London, and another graduate degree from The University of Iowa. Tarah is currently our Front Office Manager, and oversees all billing questions.

Annmarie Abodeely

Annmarie has worked at Professional Foot & Ankle for 2 years. She graduated from The University of Iowa with a BS in Physiology, and plans to attend medical school in the Fall of 2022. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends, family, and staying active

Steve Sehl

Steve is Dr. Sehl’s youngest son, and has been with Professional Foot & Ankle for 4 years. He is a graduate of Regina High School, and will graduate from The University of Iowa this spring with degree in Physiology. Steve is planning on taking a gap year, will start on his MCAT, and hopes to enroll into medical school fall of 2023. In his free time, Steve enjoys engaging in sports of all kinds.

Madison Hurley

Maddison has been with Professional Foot & Ankle for 2 years. She is currently a sophomore at The University of Iowa, studying physiology. After graduating, she hopes to attend Physician Assistant school. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends, family, and staying active.